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SFO - Mesuthan

Merhaba (Hello)!

I am a state licensed tour guide, who devoted his life to promote and represent the historical, cultural and traditional values of his country to anyone interested.

I have been in travel industry since 1997. After working on tour operation management for some years, I decided to become a tour guide. Soon after graduating a faculty of 4 years study on becoming a tour guide, I acquired my license in 2004 and I have been guiding since then. As I am myself a traveler and interested in finding new roads to travel, new horizons to explore, I have traveled more than half my my country. These travels gave me the opportunity to meet so many nice people and I made many friends all over Turkey. While learning more about history of Asia Minor, the lands which has been a cradle for so many different civilizations for centuries, I have also improved myself in both Roman and Ottoman art and architecture, as well as in archaeology, mythology and local cuisines.

Today, thanks to my profession, I am enjoying meeting new people from all around the world, which has always been a pleasure for me, as I am keen on introducing my country to everyone interested. With the maximum enthusiasm of sharing my experiences, and with the aim of introducing my country to you too, I am ready to meet you, and let you experience one of the most beautiful moments in your life by guiding while you are here in Turkey.

Don’t hesitate to inquire for a tour, or share your experiences with me.

Mesuthan Ozgen
Your Guide in Turkey