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Donna Fenrich & friends, January 2011

Donna Fenrich & friends, January 2011

Hi Mesuthan,
I want to thank you for your hospitality and sharing your vast knowledge of your absolutely beautiful and historical country. The four of us had such a wonderful time and it was because of you that we learned so much and got to experience so many wonderful sites. I will be sure to recommend to anyone visiting Turkey that they contact you for guidance. You truly made our trip far exceed any expectations we had and your country has so much to offer. Our trip to Ephesus was also absolutely wonderful and we can’t thank you enough for making our arrangements to visit southern Turkey. Everyone was very friendly, your food and wine are wonderful, and without a doubt your history tops some of the best places in the world. With no doubt, we all would love to come back again.
Thanks again for everything,

Donna Fenrich and friends, NY – January 2011

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